Dr. Jack Shepard; my Mission

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dr. Jack Shepard; my Mission

Dr. Jack Shepard; my Mission
by Dr. Jack Shepard

" Mr. Sharon's policies toward the Palestinian People
could be compared to as if Mr. Sharon
used an Atomic Bomb to kill an ant!"

If you are critical of the policies of Mr. Ariel Sharon, it does not make one anti-Semitic. Is the whole Israeli Peace Movement anti-Semitic? Is Prime Minister Peres anti-Semitic. Is Gush Shalom and all the Israeli Peace movements anti-Semitic? Are the 64 UN staffers in their Petition who only say "Israel stop killing us" anti-Semitic?

How can a IDF sniper after watching Iain Hook, a tall fair person with sandy colors hair for over 3 hours through a scope which Magnified by over 3+ times at a distance of 20 meters; equal to shooting someone at 14 feet make a mistake. Why was the ambulance stopped only 2 meters bleeding Iain Hook and could not rushing Iain Hook to the hospital?

Was Tom Hundrell's family anti-Semitic for say that their son was murdered? Was the IDF soldier who admitted lying about killing Tom Hundrell anti-Semitic? Was the Israeli Judge who arrested the IDF soldier who admitted killing Tom Hundrell's anti-Semitic?

The problem with Mr. Arial Sharon's military policies toward the Palestinian People is as Dr. Jack Shepard said:

" Mr. Sharon's policies toward the Palestinian People could be compared to as if Mr. Sharon used an Atomic Bomb to kill an ant!"

What happened, to thinking about God; and why have both sides forgotten what all the Prophets taught that; "We should love our neighbor, as we love God. "

Just stop
a military victory is impossible by either side.

So after Tom Hundrell's sniper murderer goes to jail; end it!

Snipers can see who they kill, if not they would not have qualified to be snipers.

The devil has placed
the Israeli's and Palestinians at odds,
exactly like the devil placed Joseph
and his brothers at odds.

When will both sides wakeup and act like Joseph, when he explained to his father why he forgave his brothers because the devil placed them at odds with him; but that time has pasted.

I pray for the day that both the Israeli's and the Palestinians both renew their faith in God and realize that the devil have placed them at odds to each other, and let this terrible time in both your histories pass.
Act like Joseph did with his brothers, you are both brothers, “Let God back into your Hearts.”

Presently neither side can say truthfully in their hearts
that their actions please God.

Forgive each other by start doing things that please God,
think what you are doing and look where the Devil has lead you.
Is anyone happy with the present situation?.

Throughout the Old Testament
it says every time the Israelites did things that did not please God, he punished them.

Wakeup God is knows all and forget about yesterday,
as Judith in her prayers says; God has Made yesterday
and pray to God
to make tomorrow, a tomorrow of Love and Peace
where you both can share and enjoy what God has given you.
Most important act like God, everywhere in the bible it says, “God is forgiving.” End it!
Forgive each other
and do not let the Devil continue to place you at odds;
open your eyes
like Joseph opened his brothers eyes and forgave them.

Both side just stop
and start doing things that will please God
your suffering will never stop like your past two generations.

This world belongs to God,
if you never learn to share. You can never please God.

I pray that God Blesses everyone in Israel
with Peace and Love both Jews and Arabs.

I pray God lets your eyes see what you both do is evil.
Until you both once again learn to Love each other as brothers; you both will suffer
because if one is anti-Semitic
he hates both Jews and Arabs because you are brothers.

Learn from Joseph as he forgave his brothers; I pray you can each forgive each other.
Do not let the devil
continue to place you at odds.

My words will be heard;
I hope for you sooner than later to end your suffering.
But through my faith in God and what I do; I know my words will be heard. God has his plan and his individual mission for each of us.
You have all forgot that each of us will individually be judged by God on our Day of Judgment.

You can say and do what you wish to me or any one else;
but God is all seeing and all knowing.

Those who act like people made for Heaven
will be judged as so, and
those who act like people made for Hell will be judged as so.

This Life is very short.
Those who will dwell and suffer in Hell by their actions have to remember it is FOREVER,
those who dwell in Heaven
will be the happy onesFOREVER!

Dr. Jack Shepard


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